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Lighting Services

Common lighting services which we provide include:

  • Light fixture replacement – replacing existing light fixtures with new ones, such as swapping out a ceiling fan for a chandelier or replacing a fluorescent kitchen light with pendant lights.
  • Add new lighting – installing new light fixtures in areas of the home that were previously unlit, such as under cabinet lights, recessed lights, or sconces.
  • Re-wiring – updating the electrical wiring in a home to accommodate new light fixtures or to repair outdated wiring.
  • Add dimmer switches – installing dimmer switches to control the intensity of the light, either to create mood lighting or to save energy.
  • Smart lighting – installing smart home devices such as LED bulbs, smart light switches, and smart dimmer switches that can be controlled with a smartphone or voice commands.
  • Outdoor lighting – installing lighting on the exterior of a home, such as landscape lighting, security lighting, or porch lights.

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